Thursday, December 24, 2009

like i do...

no one would bring you the gifts
at midnight hours,on your birthday
no one would remember you all the times
no one would wish for you in every pray
but i do..

no one else would come,
drenched in rain
just to see you once being with some other guy,
knowingly entering the world of pain
but i do..

No one would give up his work
just to share a cup of coffee with you
no one's heart feels that low
till the vibes reaches you
but i do..

No one else would call you when
you are feeling low
no one would stand in a corner
just to see you go
like i do

no one would care to see through those eyes
the tears inside that sheepish smile
like i do

no one else would be sad
just because you are
and won't share something joyous,that he had
like i do

no one would avoid an evening wid friends
just to have a look at you in the mall
and waiting for that glance
which makes me feel spring in the month of fall
like i do

no one else would feel the way
that you make me feel
no one would remember you
after you're long gone...
like i do...

wanderer heart of mind
became yours the day i saw you
when will you understand
no man will ever love you this much
but i do...


Anonymous said...

Koi ho
Yaadon mein
Palko pe boondein liye
Aaeina bani
Yeh aankhen teri

Saathi they
Janmo se
Rahon mein kyu kho gaye
Manzil humne
Bulane lagi

xyz.. said...

No one loves me like you do;
I’ve never felt like this;
You please me in so many ways,
With a word, a caress, a kiss.

No one understands me like you do;
You see me deep inside,
You choose to overlook my flaws,
The ones I try to hide.

No one satisfies me like you do,
When our hearts intertwine;
You give so much with your tender touch,
You’re amazing, and you’re mine!

No one loves me like you do;
You fill my every need,
And that is why, my darling,
I’ll follow wherever you lead.