Friday, November 1, 2013

ride on with life...

dimly lit sky,
and a gentle breeze,
with a dash of wind
thrown in
laden with water droplets,
a light shower tip toeing
on umbrella,
washing away the dust
picked up on the ride
cleaning up,
my dustladen motorbike
and both of us
awed at the beauty of
the lone cafe
at the foothills
on the sideway
along the perpetual running
black white shade
of an unending highway
the hill on the other side
with bright lights
marking the way up

both of us
waiting to get away
getting caught
in that whirlwind
even under that shade
sipping coffee
from our coffee mugs
moments of warmth
shrugging off the cold
reluctant to move
coffee after coffee
endless gossip
a sheepish smile

on the road,
drenched to the core
shivering hands
but riding on, for more
chasing the rains
away as it goes
roaring of bike
subdued by our laughter
and your smile
a beam of light
flowing down with drops
red of the tail lights
drawn long and deep
into the roads
the sudden cold
with onset of hail
stopping by
under the broken shade
an old shop
with no walls
a dripping ceiling
chilling breeze
across our face
the cold hands
and warm hearts
braving the haze
moving on
towards better place
sip a hot coffee under
a better shade..
your dependence on me
for that moment
my dependence on you
for existence
of that amazing moment
a moment of belief
to hold onto your hands
overwhelmed my life
with your mere presence

~ is that really you or your thought, with me , wherever i go....


Fish said...

I re-lived a moment which happened more than a year back. Specially -

both of us
awed at the beauty of
the lone cafe
at the foothills
on the sideway..

Very Clear. Beautiful Description. Again, the ending breaks my heart.. beautifuly!!

The Fallen Poet said...

Yes, i have been on that road again...thanks for liking