Wednesday, February 20, 2013

calling of the caves...

these caves dark and dreamy
glossy with underground running streams
moist air and choked light
through the crevices, feeble screams
numb inside the hole in earth
life writhing inside the womb
a breath of air, from somewhere in dark
moving inside the humanities tomb

blurred pictures across 
these prehistoric walls
mute stories,nimble thoughts
of rise and fall 
of humankind,their strive
                 emotions on display,
                                       anger,joy, struggle for life

                           groping dead walls
                       walking with fickle feet
                   disgust and mystery
                        of lives buried beneath,

                      towards the enlightened end, 
                  a beam of light
                        falling at someplace 
                               far end of sight
             going from dark to light
away from shrouded past
to leave behind our grudges
erasing our scars...

Author notes
i keep falling, i keep going, i like such places, but don't want to be left there alone...~thefallenpoet~


Fatima said...

You are finally back..where were you, you just disappeared??

Nice poem, though a bit dark but the flow was good :)

Take Care

Sadia Khan said... excellent piece buddy...thankfully i came across this blog of yours...loved the darkness of imagery...poignant with a ray of hope or light...following you now...hope to read more :)