Saturday, November 2, 2013


when you long for lasting love,
but you relive every moment,
in accordance with
the past,
not giving chance,
for something to last,

it takes time
to persuade,
the people around,
but you ended it
on the grounds
that you are hurt
but what about him,
who don't even know,
what transpired ,
in these few days,
atleast a clue,
or a reason to go

if you blame,let me justify
you didn't say,nothing
but goodbye
for who gets more hurt,
its not a contest...

broke away abruptly,
i haven't found the shore too,
it might have taken time,
but i would have proved to you,
that i abide by what i say,
but you were not there to stay,
matters of heart don't follow rules
or time,
given a chance i could have
found that life,

But may be the time
was not right,
i couldn't convince you,
or make you fall in love
with me,
for i tried a lot,
but still fell short,
may be i was not destined
for love,
or was not worth it,
to reach a life of bliss,
but to pursue love to my grave,
for being dreamer is one thing,
and living in a dream is not...

perrhaps, it wasn't right
but why i still can't forget ,
a few days,passed like moments
from my memory..
miss you all the time,
but can't say,
because its better to move on,
than get into that loop,
of getting hurt and sorry,
all over again...

may be i should reveal,
how i have relived the past,
questioning ,beating up, myself
every passing day,
trying to forget ,
or how make it right

its not simple as it seems, for some people are not destined to be in dreams of someone they love ..


Fish said...

Have you heard of "Peace with the Past and Present"? It takes a whole lifetime for a few people to do that but then that is no excuse to break someone's heart. Specially of those, whom they really wanted to be in their lives once.

Well am not sure how you would feel posting this on your blog. Its more about what you write rather than how you write..

You write beautifully, no doubt. But your words.. freshen my wounds!

The Fallen Poet said...

its everyone's perception...everyone can blame everyone...this write could be the ugly truth.

Fish said...

Perceptions of course. But isn't about the blame game.

Anyway, love reading your expressions.