Thursday, March 8, 2012

my confessions,your regret....

my blood has dried,
blackened my eyes,
tears washed that kohl 
all over my face,
yes, in the sun,i smile,
but i cry when it fades...

my body is deprived of rains,
my soul is devoured by pains...
more i walk close to end,
further i move, to change,
my start ever again... 

yes i try to defy,
because i have been denied...
my dream,my hope ,my ambition,
my love,my desires,my life...

i never gave up,
i never protest,
you put me through
difficult to worse to worst,
to bring out my best!!?

now i have lost hope,
i will not care,
now i don't believe in you,
now you don't dare...

i wanted to be simple man,
to help other's while i can,
you forced me to break down or bend,
now your honour,i won't defend...

i am now,on my own,
i will do what i want,
all that's right,all that's wrong,
i'll make you regret,
such i will become..

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Anonymous said...

Idiot shhhhh :) everything is fine.