Sunday, March 18, 2012

hunter and the hunted!!!  

footsteps on a hard,
sun beaten path..
in and out of forest,
up and down
,rocks and grass,
there lies in wait!
a blood thirsty beast,

eyes green with envy,
licking its teeth,
blood red tongue,
a wide snout,
bone crushing jaws,
disfigured mouth,
pearly white canines,
curled inside,
angry grunts,
claws to strike..

limps at hind quarters,
mangy and greedy,
it sits in wait,
ambush its prey,
dark in color,
darkened soul,
maneater beast,
on the prowl...

passing through forest,
unaware travellers,
kills them to have a feast,
it has a territory,
doesn't like to be tresspassed,
man,cattle or prey,
nothing lasts..

it marks its prey,
hiding behind,
stalking them,
all this while ,
till they are unwary,
tired or afraid...
pounces on them,
bites on the neck...
swiping at hide,
trickling blood,
send it into frenzy...
those long white canines,
deep into the vein,
spray of warm blood,
on its face...
trembling of body,
beating of heart...
a fightback in vein,
makes it even mad..
assures it,the prey is dead,
it carries it off ...
off the trail,
into the deep, dark cave...
where it sits in peace,
takes a breather...
growls with satisfaction,
eats at leisure....

it can't be killed,
it resides within me...
i captured it,
but i can't set it free...

i am the traveler,
that forest is my life,
i try to hide in varied forms
but it finds me every time...

my alter ego,
turns to beast every time,
i fail in life..
it hunts me down every night,
or in broad day light..
it has become dominant,
over my original self...
i need someone to care for me,
please i need some help...

i am the hunter and the hunted!!!!

Prompt: picture by a fantastic photographer
Mr Daniel Joshi...
Visit him at  : 

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