Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Maa, i love you...

                                                                                            how much i miss you mom,
these cold nights
when i am half asleep
i feel myself drifting away
shivering in cold
but too lazy to pull up the cover,
i know mom, 
if you were here
you would tuck me in...

in the dream
i saw you crying 
and i cried with you
my pillow case is still wet
with my tears

oh mom , how much i miss you
the dream when i saw 
you were leaving
my heart skipped a beat
i held your hand 
until you said 
you would come back for me
i dreaded that night
couldn't sleep again...

just because i grew up
i moved away
but the child inside me
always needs your attention
i would like to sleep 
with my head in your lap
and you talking about
the things that happened
while we were away

i miss those mornings
when you would wake me up

i miss you mom
every moment of my day
every day of my life...

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